Whether you’re preparing for marriage or want to enjoy a deeper union with your partner, this guide will help you enjoy a relationship built on solid Christian values.


Pastor Elvis Iruh, a licensed minister with Victory Outreach International, highlights simple principles that too many take for granted. Learn how to:

  • get to really know a love interest before deciding to marry;
  • avoid mistakes that lead to divorce;
  • appreciate the sanctity of marriage;
  • forgive your partner when they make mistakes.


Before you even think about getting married, you should take the necessary steps to really get to know your partner. Your past should not contain any surprises - and your values must be aligned.


Filled with practical exercises partners can carry out with each other as well as guidance for pastors and church leaders who need help advising couples, this guide will help couples enjoy marriages built to last.

Getting to know you! A Book of marital steps with information about marriage.

We face the challenge of pre-marriage-living- togetherness among believers just like many parts of the world and I believe that we can teach soundly on it without condemning anyone.


This is our responsibility as Ministers. Whilst we cannot force anyone to change, we must help people come to the biblical understanding of healthy Christian relationships.